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08. November 2017


YES, We took it home!
Our music video to wise child is now officially the „BEST NEWCOMER MUSIC VIDEO – Listen To Berlin 2017“!
We are so proud and happy.

Many thanks to everyone who voted and thank you Shoot it yourself and Berlin Music Commission and of course Stephanie von Beauvais Mantas Jockus Daniel Goede David Wunderlich Anjuli Shereen Blake Worrell Wieland Netzband Sherbeny As Tee TueTe Natt Si and everyone else who contributed to our bliss. 🤩🤩🤩

25. September 2017


We are nominated at the Listen-to-Berlin-Awards in the category BEST NEWCOMER MUSIC VIDEO! YEYYYY! There will be a two steps voting procedure. 
The first one is a public voting where we will need all the help we can get, so please click on the link or on the pic above and vote for us! The 
2nd step is a jury decision.

If we win, we will become rock stars, move to LA, sell out and hang out in the Playboy Mansion. Forever!

No, just kidding but it would be good to win tho! 🤩 Love you. Kiss you. Miss you. See you (very soon)!


24. Juli 2017

Spätival 2017

4 concerts in 6 hours… Beautiful weather with you beautiful people… Spätival2017 was a blast!
Also it was like a Formula One Race where we had to carry out perfect pitstops to make it to the next gig on time. Still we couldn’t make it to Körtestr. Everyone who waited for us there until 9:30 pm: We didn’t know you didn’t know and we are really sorry! We will make up for it as soon as possible!

Here are some lovely pics from the first gig in Boxenhagener Str. taken by our friend and fantastico photographer Arda.



Animals in Disguise perfectly combine the simplicity and melodic hooks of pop music, with the energy and power of music you’d normally find filling the dancefloors. With a production that’s polished but packed full of rugged dirty synths, they manage to navigate between indie and electro seamlessly.  Better yet, all of that power and intensity is on full show during some very upbeat live performances.